12 hours of energy generated in 30 minutes
Fights insomnia and reduces chronic fatigue
Relieves chronic pain and controls fibromyalgia

The NeuroBed is the portable version of the NeuroSpa.

It has been created to allow NeuroSpa treatments at home and designed to be used on aesthetic or therapeutic treatment tables and on dentist chairs.

The 36 in. NeuroBed rental model with carrying bag, allows for in home validation of its beneficial effects over longer periods. Every night before going to bed, thirty minutes of relaxation eliminate the day’s accumulated stress and lead into deep and restful sleep. Upon awakening, the 30 minute stimulating session will be energizing over the next 12 hours and greatly reduce the effects of daily stress. From the very first day, the user will experience a boost of energy and find relief from pain and the effects of chronic fatigue.

The portable NeuroBed allows a user to experience the therapeutic effects for himself after a few days of utilization at home.

• Back pain and other chronic pains: As the inflammation is reduced, pain diminish progressively.

• Fibromyalgia: As anguish and sustained tensions are relieved, muscular inflammation subsides and episodic pain vanishes.

• Insomnia and chronic fatigue: The energy generated daily by the stimulating mode progressively restores inner balance and helps resume a healthy lifestyle.

The use of the 24 or 30 inch NeuroBed version combines most favorably with several therapeutic applications by substantially optimizing their many beneficial effects. In effect, it represents value added for massage therapy, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, homeopathy and naturopathy as well as in the field of dentistry and aesthetics.

• As a preamble to therapy, the NeuroBed quickly relieves stress and muscular tension. Patients have less nervous resistance and better muscle response.

• In dentistry, the Neurobed greatly reduces discomfort and pain by neutralizing the intracorporal vibrations from dental milling. It also helps by covering the sound and enhancing the patient wellbeing

• In esthetics: The client enjoys the benefit of total NeuroBed relaxation while actually receiving an esthetic treatment.

There are three different points where intra-corporal music has access to the nervous system: The base of the spine, the epidermal surface and the hearing channels. From there it spreads through the whole body and gradually replaces the damaging effects of stress on the central nervous system. The relief of permanent muscular tensions at their source is favorable to normal respiratory function and cardiac pulse rate.

The pace of current lifestyles seldom allows one to unwind sufficiently and overcome the cumulative damage of daily stress. Too little time is left for enjoying healthy natural body and mind activities that allow to truly let go and reach inner balance.

Many years of research on the positive impacts of intra-corporal music on the human brain and body have resulted in the creation of the NeuroSpa and the development of the musical modes composed by Angelini. Through the profound relaxation provided by both the NeuroSpa and the NeuroBed, a state of total physical and mental balance can be achieved. Since the benefits are cumulative, regular use greatly improves overall wellbeing as the damage caused by the stress of modern life is minimized.

The NeuroBed with the GSS technology is covered by worldwide patents and includes the following Neuro-Musical Programs composed by Angelini : AQUA, SWEETEST DREAMS and LONG FLOW.
It is upholstered in Talalay latex and covered with Elastatex Platinum, an antibacterial and anti-acarid fabric easy to clean and disinfect.